City of Lansing looks to introduce electric scooter ordinance


The scooters that you see scattered along the sidewalks will be a topic of discussion at the meeting, as the city tries to regulate the growing trend.

"They're everywhere, every time you turn around, there's like 10 of them parked in a corner," Justin Wentland said.

And that's part of the city's problem. On Monday the City of Lansing will introduce an ordinance to create licensing and regulations for the scooters. One of the proposed rules is to prohibit parking in city-rights-of-way. where they shouldn't interfere with crosswalks, sidewalks, bike racks, or meters; something riders aren't too keen on.

"They are kind of everywhere but at the same time that helps it be more accessible because its where you need it to be. You just drop it and go where you need to go," Yvonne Ramos said.

"I feel like if they were in a specific place, then it would be harder, they wouldn't be quite as accessible I feel like," Madilyn Schweikert said.

In additon, the city wants to limit the speed of the scooters to 12 mph, not be held liable for accidents, and more. Riders tell me they don't want the scooters to go any slower, but they understand why rules are necessary.

"I think more rules would definitely help. Just for safety reasons because I feel like the regulations of how to keep [in] check of which ones are operational is kind of vague right now. But I like the hands-off approach a little bit because it just makes it up to the public and how we want to use them," Wentland added.

The city also wants scooter companies to share its data, including crash, thefts and vandalism information. Regardless of the proposed rules, riders hope they aren't going anywhere.

"I like the ecological factor of it. I think its very good to offer other transportation options other than cars to get away from fossil fuels and things like that. So I'm definitely on board," Wentland said.

The public hearing for the ordinance is expected set for December 10 in the City Council Chambers.